Framed: Vallée du Paradis in Morocco A green oasis in the middle of the dusty desert of Taghazout

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You must have seen Morocco at least once in your life. Perfect for long road trips and sipping sweet hot tea in a bar while dipping your toes in a river. Famous for great food and colourful towns, minus the drunk Russians in your B&B.

The country is not only high on every swell-loving surfdude’s bucket list, but keeps growing in popularity for cultural sightseeing and relax holidays as well. More and more happy campers and their coolers are finding their way into the gates of the Sahara desert as tourism is booming. The wind was blowing with hot rumours about Morocco and I was really craving for a hot cup of unduly sweetened mint tea, so why not go and check it out!

off road Morocco

Retreat in Morocco

Part of my job at madewithlove is organising our annual team retreat. For one week, 20 developers from all corners of the world huddle together under the burning sun for work and pleasure. When looking for a suitable retreat location, Morocco was soon spotted on our radar. Together with the sexy boys of BoardX the trip was plotted and reservations were made. The road trip to Vallée du Paradis would be the undoubted highlight of six days in Morocco. And in retrospect rightly so, even our Brazilian colleagues were impressed by the natural oasis in the valley.

Road trip to Vallée du Paradis

It’s a great trip, the winding road with green palm trees and dusty mountains from Taghazout all the way to Paradise Valley. Head on the road to Agadir and take a left when you have reached the village of Aourir. Travel by the ‘turn right when you’ve passed the third tree on your right’ principle, and you’ll get there. We went off roading with roaring rental 4×4’s, a skill I had already acquired well in the far away Australia. For the ladies, there is a charming little shop where you can buy the famous argan oil. If you don’t know what that is, ask Google to discover all its benefits to hair and skin, or even for cooking!

road trip through morocco
Photo by my colleague Jonas VS (I was driving)


Travel photography Morocco: the oasis of Vallée du Paradis

Find my best pictures of this lush green oasis at the edge of the Atlas mountains here:

vallee du paradis morocco
Lorenzo of BoardX shows us the way
photos morocco
The local bar terrace

photos taghazout photos vallee du paradis most beautiful landscapes morocco vallee du paradis morocco paradise valley moroccophotos paradise valley off roading 4x4 moroccooff roading morocco

travel photography morocco
Picture Jonas VS
most beautiful photos morocco
Picture Jonas VS
take road trip morocco
Picture Jonas VS

photos atlas mountains

Accommodation in Taghazout

best travel pictures morocco
During my workshop about travelling and chasing dreams. You know…

Probably the best accommodation of Agadir and beyond: the Sol House of Taghazout Bay, a true surfers’ paradise. Unbelievably great food, comfortable sleeping huts and top notch waves. Year-round.

sol house taghazout baywhere to go surfing morocco sunset morocco best hotel taghazout best travel photo moroccobest travel pics morocco

One last camel, especially for you.

road trip morocco

Want to see more of my travel photography?

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